Lessons from a motorcyclist!


Tail of the Dragon- Tennessee/North Carolina
When given the option of going from Point A to Point B, a true motorcycle enthusiast will always pick the route that has the curviest roads. We might be able to get to Point B faster by taking the straight road (sometimes we ride 200 miles to go 60), but it isn’t as exciting and memorable as those roads that are scenic and challenging. You gain a greater skill set and appreciation for life when you take these curvy roads!

What if this was the philosophy that dominated the field of education? Many teachers feel that the best way to get information across to students is the linear model…the straight road. The kids will still learn this way, but it isn’t as exciting as learning the random and non-linear way. Learning in this way can be challenging and messy, but what you learn sticks with you longer. The curvy road way of learning is just a more exciting and eye-opening experience. Honestly, I think it is higher quality of learning.

We deserve to give kids the most exciting and memorable education that we can..let’s start taking the curvy roads and not the straight ones!


5 thoughts on “Lessons from a motorcyclist!

    • I think the map is still the curriculum, but we don’t stay so focused on speed and simple coveage. I know this probably sounds pie-in-the-sky for some, but we need to let kids process what we are teaching. I hear teachers complain that there is too much to teach (which I get), but they won’t help the situation by barreling through the curriculum. We may find out that deeper learning of some material will lead to easier learning of other material.


      • Yes! It’s the idea of depth vs. breadth. Doing more with less. Curriculum can be simplified to allow for more of the processing time. I think doing creative projects/activities allows for more processing time, too. Good thoughts!

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