Something a little different!

dare-to-be-different-pictures-1024x768I thought I would use this week to try a different medium to share my ideas. Adobe Spark is an awesome way to share your story. I would love your comments about my blog for Week 2 and would challenge you to think about how you could suggest teachers use Spark. Feel free to share those uses in the comments as well.

Adobe Spark Blog Post

Don Sturm

4 thoughts on “Something a little different!

  1. You already know that I love Spark! The first project I have my third graders do is to take screen shots of places on Google Earth leading up to our school. (Earth, hemisphere, continent, state, county, town, school) Then they put the photos with words into Adobe Spark for a “My Place in Space” presentation.

    Once they know how to use the program, Spark becomes a choice any time they have to do a presentation. We ended the year last year with biographies of famous Americans and students chose whether to present their information on an old fashioned poster, with Keynote or with Spark. Kids chose pretty equally among the three.

    As for convincing teachers to try it, I would say it is free (Keynote costs) and I like the smooth touch transitions between slides.


  2. Great presentation, Don! I love Spark also. My class took off with it and were really good about using this for all types of ideas. Students can do it at any grade!


  3. I love Adobe Spark! This is a neat way to share your thinking and make your learning visible. I, too, sometimes struggle with being empathetic towards teachers… I feel like they know better, so should do better. But I have to remind myself that their point A to point B looks a lot different than mine!

    Thanks for sharing and being so honest about where you’re at with this!


  4. Love this! Adobe has some of my favorite presentation tools! We are in similar jobs as tech coaches. It’s true that we have to work hard with those components– and perspective is so important. Everyone comes with their own stuff.


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